Wealth Locks guarantees Defi Safety through Lockups

Wealth Locks, which is a decentralized application permits blockchain projects to lock their BEP20 tokens and Liquidity tokens in an audited and time released smart contract.

Lock tokens and Liquidity in a Simpler way

Liquidity and team tokens lock of a particular project boosts the confidence of the investors and they feel their money is in secure hands.

Show your Lockups without Uncertainty

The moment you lock your liquidity or team tokens with Wealth locks, we present your project information and lockup details in our dashboard in a manner which makes it easy to read and further builds confidence. It also helps in building security.

Security and Reliability of the Investor

Investors look for a quick and very reliable information to select the coins they want to purchase. Wealth locks makes their task easy by viewing lockup details, auditing and finally analyzing the overall data stored.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Wealth Ecosystem works?

We provide ‘Liquidity Locking’ solutions for token Founders and Developers. This solution is genuinely necessary in the space, as it provides security to token investors, knowing that there is a structure in which team tokens can be locked. The infamous ‘rug pull’ cannot occur if teams lock their Liquidity Pool and team tokens. We make it simpler for token developers to lock their tokens and show the public the details of their lockup smart contract.

How do the smart contracts of token locking work?

When a token/coin is launched on the Wealth Platform. It’s locking mechanism will be governed by our smart contract. The rules and locking specifications pertaining to that token will be in-built in our smart contract. This will be accessible for all to see.

Do you Support only BEP20 tokens?

Indeed, right now our smart contracts just help BEP20 tokens. But, we are building new smart contracts to deal with more blockchains, and we will announce their deliveries soon!

Do you charge a fee to lock tokens in your ecosystem?

Yes, there is a minimal fee of .5% to lock your tokens with us. Revenue generated from lockup fee will be used to buy back WLT tokens and will be distributed among holders.

What is the contract address of Wealth?


How can I buy wealth token?


Locking any BEP20 tokens

Wealth locks has a very smart and trusted locking tool which makes it easy, fast as well as safe to lock any BEP20 tokens, including Liquidity and Team Tokens from Binance Smart Chain.

Find your token — Enter Unlock time — Press lock and done!

Find your BEP20 Token by searching for it or entering the address /pair address. After that enter the unlock date and time. Lock the tokens and your job is done.

Lock your tokens with Minimal fees

You can lock your Liquidity and team tokens with just .5% fees with us. Revenue generated from lockup fee will be used to buyback WLT tokens and will be distributed among holders.

Secured and audited Smart Contracts

Wealth locks respect the personal privacy and ensures that we never have custody of users coins and do not have any access to them. Once audited the coins are locked for the duration you mark. They are only to be looked by the user who locked them and can only be withdrawn when the locking period has passed.