Wealth Locks

Wealth locks allows Projects built on Binance Smart Chain to lock their team and liquidity tokens in an audited, time-released Smart Contract.

Time locked

Any Project can lock their tokens for a Specific period of time giving their investors confidence and Security.

Audited Smart Contract

Smart contract is well audited.

Security and Reliability

Quick and Reliable information for Investors on which coins to purchase by providing Secure and Easy to View lockup Details.


There are 3 main functions

  • Transfer Fee: There will be a 1% transaction fee for every transaction on $WLT which gets proportionally distributed among holders automatically (Similar to $RFI)
  • Seller Fee: There will be extra added fee of 1% for sells on PancakeSwap. This added Fee increases by 1% with each sell and goes upto maximum of 5%. After Maximum, it again resets to 1%. This Fee amount gets collected in NextVault until transferred to new upcoming buyer. This transfer of seller fees to buyer is called Wealth Transfer.
  • Bonus Event: At regular intervals a bonus event will be initiated by the team. During bonus event, if you buy more than 500 $WLT tokens, you automatically become eligible for claiming extra 100 tokens from BonusVault. Each bonus event will have maximum entrants limit of 5 which is on first buy first serve basis.

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Wealth Use Cases

$WLT is the governance token of the WEALTH ecosystem. It is integral part of the ecosystem and will be used for following features and many more.

Wealth locks

Safe and trusted lockup for Projects to lock their Liquidity and Team tokens. Revenue generated from lockup fee will be used to buy back Wlt Tokens and will be distributed among Wlt holders.

Transfer fee

1% transaction fee for every transaction is distributed among Wlt holders automatically

Wealth transfer

Extra added fee of 1% with each sell order which goes upto maximum of 5% and is transferred to next Wlt buyer.

Bonus event

Automatic eligibility for Claiming extra 100 Wlt tokens if you buy 500 Wlt tokens during the bonus event.

Initial Token Distribution


The Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Wealth Tools
Wealth Pools
Wealth Launchpad
Wealth Staking Services
Wealth Dex

How to buy Wealth on Pancake Swap

Using Metamask Wallet

Using trust wallet


Contract address will be used for Both Metamask and Trust Wallet.